InforME operates through a public-private partnership model. The private partner, Maine Information Network, entered into a long term $0 contract with the State of Maine.

InforME is entirely self-funded with no state appropriated funding.

InforME offers flexible funding options to meet the needs of agencies. Projects can be funded under a transaction/subscription fee model, time and materials model, or hybrid of the two.

Transaction Fee & Subscription Funded Projects

  • Some services are funded by the agency dedicating a portion of the existing statutory fee to the network for those transactions that pass through the portal. Other services have an added fee or agent fee paid by the user.
  • Revenue provided by fee-based services funds the development of no-cost information and services to benefit Maine's citizens and businesses.
  • Revenue provided by fee-based services funds the InforME data center, service maintenance, customer support, marketing and hosting.

Time and Materials Fixed Price Projects

  • Agencies may work directly with InforME without the need for RFP.
  • Most of the services developed by InforME under this model are not transaction-based or do not collect fees from an end user, such as website design, database development, or online searches.

For more information about project pricing please submit a project request to InforME.