About InforME

What is eGovernment?

The Internet has transformed the way we do business. The State of Maine embraced this trend when it created a new way for government to keep pace with e-development, e-commerce, e-trading, and e-services. eGovernment is Internet or electronic transactions from citizens to government (C2G), business to government (B2G), and government to government (G2G).

Some examples of eGovernment services include:

eGovernment strives to close the gap between citizen and business expectations of government and eCommerce. Today, citizens and businesses expect service delivery in Internet time.

How did InforME come about?

InforME (Information Resource of Maine) is the Internet gateway for businesses and citizens to interact with government electronically.

In 1997, the Maine State Legislature enacted the InforME Electronic Access to Public Information Act, which called for the creation of a public/private long-term partnership to build a portal network to public information. The Network is operated with oversight by the InforME Board, comprised of public and private members, who set policy and approve fees for InforME services.

About Maine Information Network

The State's private partner, Maine Information Network (MIN), is a Maine company specializing in eGovernment services.