InforME Subscription Accounts

As a government agency entity, you are eligible for a subscription fee waiver for your InforME subscriber account. These non-billable accounts allow you to pull driver, title, and registration records, corporate records, and UCC records online free of charge (subject to approval by the Secretary of State). Under certain circumstances, you may also be eligible for no-cost criminal record checks. View our Affirmation Statement to see if you qualify. Your no-cost InforME subscriber account will not allow you access to the UCC Filing service or the Annual Report Filing service.

To sign up, follow the steps below. Once your application is complete, we will need to obtain verification from the Secretary of State and the Department of Public Safety to authorize your no-cost status. After the verification, an InforME representative will alert you that your account is ready to use.

Step 1: Print and complete the Municipal Subscriber Application Form (PDF).

Step 2: Print, sign and mail the Service Agreement along with your Application and subscription fee.

If you need access to personal information (such as name, address, date of birth, license number) contained in driver, title, or registration records, you must qualify to receive this information under the Maine Department of Secretary of State's DPPA Rules and provide a signed statement affirming your qualifications to receive personal information.

If you do not qualify to receive personal information, you may still use specific motor vehicle record services (such as driving records), but personal information will not be provided as part of the record information.