Burn Permit

Online Burn permits are now available for municipalities statewide. The service captures information from citizens to ensure that recreational, commercial, and agricultural burns are conducted legally and responsibly.

The online service will determine the restrictions and requirements for the desired burn type and list them on the citizen's permit. The service also offers up to date information regarding the predicted Fire Danger and Class each day.

Service Benefits

  • InforME has been processing electronic payments for Maine state and local government since 1999
  • An easy way for citizens to obtain burn permits for free
  • No cost to the municipality
  • Town fire wardens have the ability to set up restrictions such as number of permits issued during a certain time frame or the hours which burns may be conducted
  • Easy administration allows town fire wardens to track all permits, print duplicate permits, and send automated email notifications

More Information

If you are a town warden and have not been provided with a username and password to access the site, please contact the Maine Forest Service at (800) 750-9777 and they will assist you.