Reports & Initiatives

Strategic Plan VII 2018-2020


The Information Resource of Maine is a self-supporting and cost-effective portal that provides and enhances access to public information and eGovernment services. InforME recognizes the right of citizens to access public information while respecting the laws that protect privacy and confidentiality.


The Information Resource of Maine is the preeminent source for electronic access to public information and the online transaction of public business.  Our vision of InforME encompasses:

  • Ever-expanding government information accessible through a single portal available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, via the Internet;
  • Interactive government services that meet the needs of private business and provide a catalyst for the further advancement of electronic commerce;
  • Efficiencies created through electronic access and transactions that enables government to offer more personalized attention to citizens who prefer traditional means of access;
  • Citizen interaction with government that promotes participation in our democracy by providing access to public information and presenting opportunities for public input.


We have a profound commitment to public service.

  • We value being champions of eGovernment for state and municipal agencies.
  • We value the importance of a citizen-centric, user-friendly, and accessible portal across all digital channels.
  • We value and respect the privacy of personal information provided by citizens of Maine, within the law.
  • We value collaboration across state and municipal governments.


After nearly two decades as the state's digital government portal, InforME has reached a new stage of maturity with more than 160 online services that allow users to complete thousands of transaction types online.  InforME provides a consistently award-winning web presence to the State of Maine through and hosts and supports 370,000 pages of web content. 

As InforME matures, new challenges and opportunities are presented and strategies must be developed in order to ensure that InforME continues to achieve its vision for serving both state government and the public.

During the Strategic Planning retreat, the InforME Board, portal staff and OIT staff discussed the key issues facing InforME and the future of the State of Maine's digital government program.  The group agreed that over the next two years, InforME should find ways to:

  • Evaluate existing pricing models, service costs and revise accordingly to remain viable and self-sustaining;
  • Identify new and retain existing revenue streams and partnerships;
  • Strengthen the message of InforME's benefits to state agencies and the public;
  • Create case studies of digital government success stories and present those to government leaders;
  • Increase adoption of services through targeted marketing campaigns; and,
  • Find innovative solutions that allow citizens and businesses a one-stop to all their government questions and transactions.

The four overarching goals below provide the basis for the Strategic Plan.  InforME staff and the Board must work together to:

  1. Continue the long-term financial stability and viability of InforME.
  2. Provide continued marketing and education to position InforME as the primary resource for online solutions for State and Local government.
  3. Position InforME to proactively respond to the ever-changing landscape of Internet security threats.
  4. Promote the benefits of Maine digital government services to both citizens and businesses.

GOAL #1: Continue the long-term financial stability and viability of InforME.

Objectives Strategies Completion Date Results
Develop a revenue budget strategy that will help continue to maintain portal sustainability 1 Evaluate existing pricing model 6/1/18 Complete
2 Review pricing structure of ten services to determine if services are viable and self-sustaining 12/31/18 In progress
Identify new revenue streams and partnerships 1 Identify at least three partnerships 12/31/18 Complete
2 Research solutions from other states that were successful and present them to targeted agencies 12/31/18 Complete
3 Establish SLA 3/1/19 Complete
4 Design, test and implement service 1/2/20 Complete
Retain existing partnerships and revenue streams 1 Meet with stakeholders monthly, commissioners and IT leadership quarterly Ongoing Complete
2 Provide consultation services at no cost for no less than nine agencies Ongoing Ongoing/Complete
3 Create infographics showing the full benefits of a partnership with InforME Ongoing Complete
4 Present InforME infographics to no less than three entities that are not current partners 1/2/19 Ongoing/Complete
5 Present InforME infographics to IT executives and business consultants Ongoing Ongoing/Complete
6 Present infographics to business decision makers and commissioners Ongoing Ongoing/Complete

GOAL #2: Provide continued marketing and education to position InforME as the primary resource for online solutions for State and Local government.

Objectives Strategies Completion Date Results
Develop a standard presentation to be given to state and local government leaders which highlights the InforME mission. 1 Create infographics highlighting InforME cost avoidance study results 5/1/2018 Complete
2 Create infographics highlighting InforME service offerings Ongoing Complete
3 Present data to no less than four IT and Commissioner-Level Leaders Ongoing In progress
4 Identify targeted municipalities for presentation 12/31/18 Complete
5 Deliver presentation to at least one representative from each Department and five targeted municipalities 1/2/19 Complete
Launch innovative, customer-centric services 1 Launch Gov2Go platform for at least three services 5/1/19 In progress
2 Launch at least three Echo Skills for 9/1/19 In progress
3 Launch Content Management System for at least 10 agency sites 12/31/19 Complete
4 Engage the webmaster community monthly on emerging web technology trends 12/31/18 In progress/Ongoing
5 Review government news emails and newsletters for services and technologies Ongoing Complete
6 Hold a quarterly "tech talk" with internal InforME staff 12/31/18 In Progress
7 Present quarterly to the InforME board on innovations being pursued in Maine and by other states 12/31/18 Complete
8 Pursue partnerships with other technology vendors Ongoing Complete
Research the competition 1 Compile a list of competitors 9/30/18 Complete
2 Determine how competition is positioned within State and Local government 9/30/18 Complete

GOAL #3: Position InforME to proactively respond to the ever-changing landscape of Internet security threats.

Objectives Strategies Completion Date Results
Complete Data Center Migration 1 Complete migration of applications to new data center 3/15/19 Ongoing
2 Retire or decommission servers at Augusta, ME data center 12/31/19 Ongoing
Monitor security threats 1 Maintain latest patches and security best practices Ongoing Ongoing/Complete
2 Scan applications and websites for threats Ongoing Ongoing/Complete
3 Report to the board on a quarterly basis the actionable items Ongoing Ongoing

GOAL #4: Promote the benefits of Maine Digital Government services to both citizens and businesses.

Objectives Strategies Completion Date Results
Increase the adoption rate for key services. 1 Create marketing plan for criminal record request service 1/2/19 Complete
2 Create marketing plan for absentee ballot request 1/2/19 Complete
3 Create marketing plan for general assistance tracking service 1/2/19 Complete
4 Create marketing plan for rapid renewal 1/2/19 Complete
5 Create marketing plan for recreational vehicle registration renewal (boat, ATV, snowmobile) 1/2/19 Complete
6 Report back on results 2/28/19 Ongoing
Increase visibility of InforME services by 25%. 1 Strengthen social media presence 5/1/18 Complete
2 Speak or present at no less than five municipal or state agency conferences and events 12/31/19 Complete