Working With Us

InforME follows a standard project process for all projects. This ensures that the project moves smoothly from start to finish and that everyone knows what to expect.

Step 1: Project Evaluation

  • Evaluate the business case for the project
  • Gather data and conduct market research
  • Determine how the application or website helps the partner meet their goals
  • Complete the project request form
  • Once funding and the initial project scope are determined, the project will be taken to the InforME board for project approval and prioritization.

Step 2: Requirements Gathering & Analysis

  • Define the business requirements and develop wireframes for the project
  • Obtain partner approval of requirements and wireframes
  • Schedule the project into the development queue and assign resources

Step 3: Development

  • Implement approved requirements
  • Conduct functional testing of requirements
  • Develop marketing plan
  • Develop a test plan

Step 4: Quality Assurance & Testing

  • Test the application thoroughly to ensure requirements are properly implemented
  • Conduct partner accepting testing and incorporate feedback
  • Conduct an application security audit

Step 5: Launch

  • The partner signs off and approves final project
  • The application or website is made available to the public

Step 6: Post-Launch & Maintenance

  • The marketing plan is implemented
  • Application maintenance and monitoring continue
  • Ongoing customer service and technical support begin