Energy Working Group

The Energy Working Group will evaluate and recommend short- and long-term mitigation strategies to reduce gross and net annual greenhouse gas emissions from Maine's energy sector, as well as evaluate and recommend short- and long-term strategies and actions for adaptation and resiliency to climate change. For meeting details, agendas, minutes, and handouts, please visit our meeting calendar and search for this working group.

Working Group Members


  • Dan Burgess, Governor's Energy Office
  • Ken Colburn, Symbiotic Strategies, LLC


Chad Allen, Longroad Energy
Aaron Smith, Avangrid
Alison Bates, Colby College
Johannah Blackman, A Climate to Thrive
Michael Burgess, Penobscot Indian Nation
Martin Carriere, Bates College
Steve Clemmer, Union of Concerned Scientists
Ben Cracolici, Maine Public Utilities Commission
Scott Cuddy, Maine Labor Climate Council
Greg Cunningham, Conservation Law Foundation
Eliza Donoghue, Maine Renewable Energy Association
Matt Harrington, Maine State Legislature
Bill Harwood, Office of the Public Advocate
Audrey Hufnagel, Maine Youth for Climate Justice
Gary Lamb, City of Hallowell
Mark Lawrence, Maine State Legislature
Ashley Luszczki, Maine State Chamber of Commerce
Suzanne MacDonald, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Fortunat Mueller, Revision Energy
Moise Mulamba, Ready Seafood
Jason Parent, Aroostook County Action Program
Reagan Paul, Maine State Legislature
Lizzy Reinholt, Summit Utilities
Julie Rosenbach, City of South Portland
Gerry Runte, Maine State Legislature
Guillaume Sebahutu, ReVision Energy
Jack Shapiro, Natural Resources Council of Maine
Michael Stoddard, Efficiency Maine Trust
Patrick Strauch, Maine Forest Products Council
Sarah Tracy, Pierce Atwood
Jake Ward, University of Maine
Tom Welch, consultant, retired PUC chair
Tony Buxton, Preti Flaherty/Industrial Energy Consumer Group