Maine Climate Impact Dashboard

An interactive collection of data about Maine’s past, present, and potential future climate.

The interactive displays of the Maine Cimate Impact Dashboard show how Maine’s health, economy, and communities may be affected by a changing climate. Mainers can use these tools and data to better understand these impacts and to advance climate mitigation and resilience efforts in Maine communities.

About the Dashboard


The Dashboard consists of nine story maps with a variety of interactive data displays and maps to illustrate impacts of climate change in Maine. It was created through a partnership between the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the Governor’s Office of Policy Innovation and the Future, with funding from the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention's Climate-Ready States and Cities Program.


Click on any image to view the story map for that topic. To jump to a different topic, click the title in the bar at the top of the screen. To return to the Home page, click the four-square icon at the top of the page. Please note this data is provided for communications purposes only and may not be suitable for location-specific planning purposes.

For More Information

If you have questions or feedback about this Dashboard, please use this form. For more about the Maine Climate Council, Maine CDC’s Climate and Health Unit, or the US CDC’s Climate-Ready States and Cities Program, please visit their websites. 

Additional Climate Science Resources

 For more tools, resources, and data sources in addition to this page, please visit the websites linked below.