May 31, 2023 Commission Meeting

Agenda (131.5 KB)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Live-streaming is unavailable for this meeting due to a technical issue.
A recording of the meeting will be posted on the Commission’s YouTube channel later today.
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1. Ratification of the Minutes of the February 28, 2023 Meeting

2. Complaint against the American Leadership Committee – Maine PAC

William Clardy filed a complaint alleging that the American Leadership Committee - Maine political action committee (PAC) did not report its legal expenses and the value of staff time of an affiliated organization in preparing and fixing the PAC’s independent expenditure communications. Mr. Clardy also asserts that the expenditure dates in the PAC’s independent expenditure reports are not accurate.

3. Complaint against the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee

William Clardy filed a complaint against the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, which is a national organization that supports Democratic candidates for legislative office. He contends that the organization should have registered as a PAC due to its contributions to Maine PACs, online fundraising, and websites promoting Democratic candidates.

4. Resolution of Staff Review of 2022 Mark Lawrence Campaign

The Commission staff completed its review of State Senator Mark Lawrence’s 2022 re-election campaign, which was financed with Maine Clean Election Act funds. The bank at which he deposited his campaign funds has explained three unauthorized debits from the campaign account. Sen. Lawrence cooperated with the Commission by fixing some minor errors. Because all issues have been resolved satisfactorily, the staff recommends no further action.

5. Supplemental Payments of Maine Clean Election Act Funds

Candidate Registrar Erin Gordon will provide information concerning the Commission’s supplemental payments of Maine Clean Election Act funds to candidates.

Other Business

Executive Session (if necessary)