June 9, 2022 Commission Meeting

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The June 9, 2022 Commission Meeting was conducted in person and livestreamed to Youtube.

1. Complaint by Charles Veeder against Candidate Michael Tipping

Mr. Charles Veeder has filed a complaint asserting that State Senate candidate Michael Tipping violated the Maine Clean Election Act because of his involvement in a postcard mailing by a PAC affiliated with the Maine People’s Alliance.  Mr. Tipping is employed by the organization.  Mr. Tipping responds he was not involved in the mailing. He has submitted a signed 2021 agreement between himself and his supervisor that he would not participate in any communications that would be relevant to his election. 

Motion:  To take no further action on the complaint due to insufficient evidence.
Made by:  Mr. Schneider
Seconded by:  Mr. Marble
Vote:  4-0

Other Business (None)