October 15, 2021 Special Commission Meeting

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Minutes (97.48 KB)

The Commission is holding a special meeting to consider a complaint regarding the November 2021 referendum.  The meeting will be conducted through Zoom and you can access this meeting via YouTube.  

1.  Request by Clean Energy Matters to Investigate Say No to NECEC

The Commission will consider a request by Clean Energy Matters to investigate whether Say No to NECEC should have registered with the Commission as a political action committee or ballot question committee, based on its receipt of $140,000 from the No CMP Corridor PAC.

Motion:  To find there are insufficient grounds to request the Commission staff conduct an investigation of the complaint filed by Clean Energy Matters against Say No to NECEC.
Made by:  Mr. Lee
Seconded by:  Mr. Schneider
Vote:  4-1 (Mr. Marble opposed)