September 25, 2019 Commission Meeting

1.  Ratification of Minutes of July 30, 2019 Meeting

2.  Audits of 2018 Maine Clean Election Act Candidates

The Commission’s auditors will update the Commission on the progress of the post-election audits of 2018 Maine Clean Election Act candidates.

3.  Update on Transition and Inaugural Committees

The Commission will receive an update on the financial disclosure statements and fundraising by the inaugural committee of Gov. Janet T. Mills, and may take action concerning the committee’s acceptance of donations after the January 31 fundraising limitation in Title 1,§ 1051(4).

4.  Consideration of Proposed Legislation

The Commission will consider three bills drafted by staff to clarify and improve the disclosure made by lobbyists, political action committees and ballot question committees.

5.  Compliance Reviews of 2020 PACs led by Legislators

The Commission will discuss plans to conduct compliance reviews of financial activity in 2020 by political action committees which are directed or controlled by a Legislator.

Other Business


If necessary.