July 30, 2019 Commission Meeting

Agenda (PDF) (80.91 KB)

July 30, 2019, at 9:00 a.m.

Location: Commission Office, 45 Memorial Circle, 2nd Floor, Augusta, Maine

Present were: William A. Lee III, Esq.; Meri N. Lowry; Hon. Richard A. Nass; and Bradford A. Pattershall, Esq.

1.  Ratification of Minutes of April 24 and June 4, 2019 Meetings

Motion: To adopt the April 24 and June 4 minutes as amended.
Made by: Mr. Lee
Seconded by: Mr. Nass
Vote: 4-0

2.  Update on Transition and Inaugural Committees

The Commission received an update on the financial disclosure statements and fundraising by the transition and inaugural committees of Gov. Janet T. Mills.

         Motion: To continue the consideration of the matter involving the Governor's inaugural committee to the next scheduled meeting.
         Made by: Mr. Lee
         Seconded by: Mr. Nass
         Vote: 4-0

3.  Update on Audits of 2018 Maine Clean Election Act Candidates

The Commission’s auditors updated the Commission on the progress of the post-election audit of 2018 Maine Clean Election Act candidates.

          No action required.

Other Business: 

Proposed Statute Changes

The Commission considered changes to the gubernatorial transition law proposed by the staff.

         Motion: That the Commission adopt the proposed legislative changes submitted by the staff with an amendment to subsection 3(E) to account for a situation where a committee has a debt at the end of the reporting period for the February 15th statement.
         Made by: Mr. Lee
         Seconded by: Ms. Lowry
         Vote: 4-0

Executive Session:  None