Accepting Assistance as a MCEA Candidate

After a candidate has been certified as a Maine Clean Election Act candidate, no cash or in-kind contributions may be given to the candidate's campaign. Certain goods and services are excluded from the definition of contribution, and may be provided to the campaign without compensation. A candidate is not required to report these goods and services as contributions. For more information, please see 21-A M.R.S. sec. 1012(2).

For example, supporters may volunteer their time for a candidate's campaign (including providing professional services), provided that they are not compensated for their time. Supporters may also spend up to $250 per election in organizing a house party, and may use their offices, telephones, computers, and similar equipment to support a candidate when the use does not result in additional cost. Party committees may provide certain goods and services to the candidate, such as providing advice or training, or mailing a slate card, sample ballot or other printed listing of three or more candidates.