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A person or entity may not engage in any activities in this State that require a license under this chapter unless all necessary licenses have been obtained in accordance with this chapter and rules adopted under this chapter.

A facility sports wagering license to conduct sports wagering in which wagers are placed within a physical location in this State;

A mobile sports wagering license to permit a mobile operator to operate sports wagering through an approved mobile application or other digital platform that involves, at least in part, the use of the Internet;

A supplier license to sell goods and services to be used in connection with sports wagering, but not to directly accept wagers;

A management services license to manage sports wagering on behalf of a facility sports wagering licensee or a mobile sports wagering licensee; and

An occupational license to engaged directly in sports wagering-related activities or otherwise to conduct or operate sports wagering in this State. This includes but is not limited to employees of a facility sports wagering licensee, mobile sports wagering licensee, management services licensee and supplier licensee. 

Sports Wagering Applications