The Gambling Control Unit is responsible for the administering and enforcement of the laws and rules governing Sports Wagering. This includes licensing and the operation of sports wagering facility and mobile operators, management services, suppliers, and their employees.

"Sports wagering" means the business of accepting wagers on sports events or portions of sports events, the individual performance statistics of athletes in a sports event or a combination of any of the same by any system or method of wagering approved by the director, including, but not limited to, in person on the property of a facility operator or via a mobile operator's mobile applications and digital platforms that use communications technology to accept wagers.

"Sports wagering" does not include the sale of pari-mutuel pools authorized under chapter 11 or the operation of fantasy contests as defined in section 1101, subsection 4.

A person or entity may not engage in any activities in this State that require a license under this chapter unless all necessary licenses have been obtained in accordance with this chapter and rules adopted under this chapter.