The Gambling Control Unit is responsible for the administering and enforcement of the laws and rules governing Fantasy Contests. This includes licensing and the operation of a fantasy contest operators. Additionally, this Unit shall also assist in the investigations of illegal gambling in Maine.

"Fantasy contest" means a simulated game or contest in which:

  • One or more fantasy contestants pay an entry fee to participate;
  • Fantasy contestants compete against each other by using their knowledge and understanding of sports events and persons engaged in those sports events to select and manage a simulated team roster whose performance directly corresponds with the actual performance of human competitors on sports teams and in sports events; and
  • The outcome of the game or contest reflects the relative knowledge and skill of the contestants and does not depend on the performance of any one participant in a sports event or the outcome of any one sports event but is determined predominantly by accumulated statistical results of the performance of individual competitors on sports teams and in sports events.

Current Licensed Fantasy Contest Operators

Certamen Games LLC 66 Ash Street Denver CO 80220
DraftKings Inc. 222 Berkley Street, 5th Floor Boston MA 02116
FanDuel Inc.  300 Park Ave. South, 4th Floor  New York NY 10010
Yahoo Fantasy Sports LLC 701 First Avenue  Sunnyvale CA 94089
FFPC, LLC 1133 Broadway STE 539 New York NY 10010
RealTime Fantasy Sports 514 Earth City PLZ STE 223 Earth city MO 63045