Gambling Control Board Statute

Title 8 Chapter 31

Gambling Control Board Rules

Chapter 1 Introduction (PDF)

Chapter 2 Licenses and Applications (PDF)

Chapter 3 Control of Licensees (PDF)

Chapter 4 License Records (PDF)

Chapter 5 Internal Controls (PDF)

Chapter 5 Appendix A (PDF)

Chapter 6 Ticket Redemption and Forfeited Winnings (PDF)

Chapter 7 Collection of Payments (PDF)

Chapter 8 Slot Machine Location & Hours of Operation (PDF)

Chapter 9 Uniform Location Agreement, Contract Disclosure (PDF)

Chapter 10 Slot Machine Maintenance (PDF)

Chapter 11 Transportation of Slot Machines (PDF)

Chapter 12 Fingerprinting Procedure (PDF)

Chapter 13 Exclusion (PDF)

Chapter 14 Advertising (PDF)

Chapter 15 Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco Products (PDF)

Chapter 16 Weapons (PDF)

Chapter 17 On Premises Office Space (PDF)

Chapter 18 Responsible Gaming Programs (PDF)

Chapter 19 Slot Machine Testing & Certification (PDF)

Chapter 20 Slot Machine and Electronic Table Game Standards (PDF)

Chapter 21 Prohibition of Credit (PDF)

Chapter 22 Patron Disputes (PDF)

Chapter 23 Repealed (PDF)

Chapter 24 The Use of Front Money (PDF)

Chapter 25 Approval of Table Games Rule of Play (PDF)

Chapter 26 Posting of Rules (PDF)

Chapter 27 Rules of Practice and Procedure of Gaming Conduct (PDF)

Chapter 28 Advance Deposit Wagering (PDF)

Chapter 29 Promotional Credits and Other Player Incentitives (PDF)

Appendix B

GLI-11_v3.0 Gaming Devices (PDF)

GLI-12_v2.1 Progressive Gaming Devices (PDF)

GLI-13_v2.1 MCS and Validation Systems (PDF)

GLI-16_v2.1 Cashless Systems (PDF)

GLI-18 v2.1 Promotional Systems (PDF)

GLI-24 v1.3 Electronic Table Games (PDF)

GLI-25 v1.2 Dealer Controlled Electronic Table Games (PDF)