MOOSE Computer Science Learning Progression

Computer Science

The MOOSE Computer Science Learning Progression is designed to introduce students to computer science while applying their learning to real-world problems.  Our goal is that students see that computer science as accessible and connected to their lives. 

Round 1 modules had 3 major themes

  • Problem Solving with Computational Thinking
  • Computers & People, and
  • Programming (starting in the 3-5 modules)

Round 2 modules themes shifted to

  • Problem Solving with Computational Thinking
  • Data, and
  • Computers & People

These modules are interdisciplinary, meaning they embed the computer science themes into other content areas like the arts, humanities, and sciences.  Modules in the Computer Science Learning Progression answer the following guiding question:  How do I solve real-world problems with computer science.

Table showing progression of computational thinking through PreK -12 grade span

Table showing progression of computer science topics through PreK -12 grade span

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3-5 modules continue to deepen students' understanding of computer science concepts and begin to apply programming to solve problems at the level of school and community.
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The modules in this Learning Progression were made possible by a partnership with the Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance.