Replacing an Apple Device

Replacing a lost, stolen or unrepairable device 


Participating schools are required to replace any laptop or iPad listed in their Asset Manager, if that device is lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair.  There are two ways to do this:


(1) Request a free device from the buffer pool. 

(2) Request, and pay for, a “paid replacement” device. 



Buffer Pool Request: 


A participating school is entitled to a certain number of free replacement devices from the MLTI Buffer Pool, based on the number of student and staff devices they ordered at the beginning of the deployment.  The buffer allotment for the term of the deployment (4 years) is 2% of the initial order, with a minimum of 1 device.  


Buffer Device Requests are done through the Asset Manager in the Asset Tracker Module. Buffer requests require approval from a program administrator. 

To request a replacement, locate the asset in your asset list that you need to replace and click on the "Detail" button. Then, click on the "Request Replacement" button in the asset details. 

You will need to complete all requested information on the buffer request form:

  • School Name
  • Your Name
  • Device Serial Number
  • Name of the person who was assigned the device and if a student, their grade level.
  • If the device is covered by insurance
  • The date of accident or loss
  • If the device is still usable
  • AppleCare case number if the device was damaged, and the date you were notified by the depot that it is not covered under warranty
  • Select whether the device was (A) lost, (B) stolen or (C) damaged. 
    • If you checked Lost or Stolen, provide a detailed description on how the device was lost or stolen. You will need to notify the local police and fax the police report to the MLTI Project Office at 877-494-6584 or email it to 

(**Please note that the MLTI project Office must have the police report in hand before they can approve a buffer replacement for a lost or stolen device.) 
    • If you checked Damaged, describe what the damage is, how it occurred, and whether the school deems it accidental, negligent, or intentional. Also include the complete repair quote from the depot. 
  • When the form is complete, click the "Request Replacement" button.

**PLEASE NOTE** Buffer requests submitted without the necessary information may be disapproved. You may resubmit the request once all the required information is provided. 

Once you have requested a replacement, It will appear in your "Buffer Pool Notifications" (see the block at the bottom left of every asset manager page). You can click the "view" button for more information on both the pending requests and the approved requests. An email will also be sent to the principal, lead teacher, and tech lead email addresses listed in the Asset Manager Contact Information section. The replacement will either be approved or rejected by a program administrator. 

If you need to withdraw a buffer request for any reason, you can do so by clicking on the "Buffer Pool Notifications" block on the asset manager page, and as long as the request is still pending (has not been approved or disapproved), you can click the "Withdraw" button beside the buffer request you wish to withdraw. 

If the request is approved, the request will appear in your "Approved Requests" list in the asset manager Buffer Pool Notifications. The lead teacher, tech lead, and principal will receive an email from the asset manager notifying them of the approval. The email will provide shipping instructions if the unit is not already at the depot. 

Once the depot receives your asset, they will ship you the replacement. The old asset will be removed from your asset list, and the new asset will be transferred to your school. Once you have received the new asset, you must log into the asset manager to accept the incoming transfer associated with that asset. 

If your buffer request is disapproved but you feel that your case has special merit, please forward the disapproval email to the 
MLTI Project Office with further information. We will consider each request on a case-by-case basis. 


Paid Replacement Request


You may request a paid replacement if your buffer allotment has been used up, or if you decide not to use the buffer allotment for a certain loss.


To request a paid replacement, send a Purchase Order for the replacement cost to the MLTI Project Office via fax (877-494-6584) or email (  You don’t need to add a shipping fee to the cost of a replacement device.  Replacement devices will be mailed to you from the Repair Depot. 


The cost of a replacement device is as follows:







iPad Air (2015)

iPad Air WiFi 32 GB Replacement

EOL – price determined by DOE based on availability

iPad Mini

iPad Mini 2 Replacement


iPad Pro

9.7” iPad Pro Replacement








MacBook Air 

MacBook Air 11”


MacBook Air 

MacBook Air 13”