Software Image

There is only one supported HP-MLTI image and it is the version that is provided as part of the device upon shipment. Please note that a district is not permitted to use a locally-created image with the HP-MLTI device.

Additional software can be pushed to the devices after it has been rigorously tested to ensure there are no conflicts with elements of the base image. (See Request Local Software Be Added to the Device.) Software is approved and added to the local library on a fixed quarterly schedule: January, April, July, and October.

Two different USB devices are provided (red USB for tablets and blue USB for laptops). These drives contain MLTI image and are used to restore the device if there are issues that require wiping the existing installation. Store them in a secure location. They should not be used for any other process.


There may be occasions when you need to restore the MLTI base image on a device due to a software or hardware problems. The Help Desk will let you know if this is required. This process takes approximately 45 minutes to complete and only should be done at the direction of the Help Desk. 

To boot off the USB key:

  • Turn off the device.
  • Plug the USB key into the device.
    • Be sure to use the correct USB key.
    • There are different keys for the tablet (red) and the laptop (blue).
  • Turn on the device.
  • Immediately after turning on the device, press and hold the F9 key until you are presented with a list of bootable devices.
  • Select the one that is named USB Hard Drive 1 - Generic Mass Storage and press Enter.
  • The device boots to the USB restore drive.
    • Do not remove the USB key until the device reboots itself.
    • Restoring the device is a two-part process. There may be a delay of several minutes between the two parts where a command prompt is displayed. No action is required on your part.
  • After the reboot, remove the USB key.
  • Follow the steps under the section Equipment Onboarding

If you experience problems restoring from the USB key, please call the Help Desk at 1-855-936-2253.

If the Tech Resource does not have a USB restore key or the key does not work, the device may be restored remotely. In this situation, please contact the help desk and they will initiate a remote reimaging. You will be asked to provide your name and birthday to validate that you are an authorized technical contact.

Important! Before reimaging a device either from the Portal or the USB restore drive, backup local files to a network location such as Microsoft Skydrive or ClassLink Launchpad.


Request to Add an Existing Title from the Library

Many titles have been pretested for use with the HP-MLTI devices and can be pushed immediately by an administrator to the devices. To request to Add an Existing Title from the Library:

  • On the menu bar, click View Location.
  • Click the Software tab.
  • To add a new, pre-approved title from the Library to devices at a site, click Add.
  • Select the Software title from the menu.
  • Select Permission Level
  • Click Submit.

School staff is responsible for license recordkeeping and compliance. When adding software to a location, you agree to the terms of the software's license agreement.

Software is not immediately pushed to the device; rather the time is randomized to manage bandwidth after next device check-in. If it has not previously downloaded the software, it will do so during the nightly maintenance cycle.


All users should store files in the cloud and not on local machines. Microsoft Office 365 includes 7 GB of storage via Microsoft SkyDrive and ClassLink Launch Pad includes 3 GB for each user plus additional class and collaboration space. There are additional options available to integrate with local school district file server storage.


Below are the ten most frequently asked questions regarding HP-MLTI device and user support:

Q: I need local admin rights to my laptop so that I can install software.
A: Contact the Support Desk; they can provide the site tech lead with temporary local admin rights (after confirming the identity of the caller).

Q: I just assigned a laptop to a student and the login screen only shows the 1-2-1 Admin logon. 
A: Contact the Support Desk; they will push the user account to the device via the EnablED 1-2-1 Portal.

Q: Student forgot his/her password. 
A: Contact the Support Desk; after confirming the caller’s identity, the Support Desk will provide the student with their password.

Q: Printers are not loading or are prompting for a driver update.
A: Contact the Support Desk to have the printers re-pushed to the device via the EnablED 1-2-1 Portal.

Q: I cannot connect to the HP-MLTI wireless network.
A: Contact the Support Desk; after initial troubleshooting to confirm the scope of the network issue, the Support Desk can coordinate resolution activities for the issue with the wireless support team.

Q: I need to create new student/staff contact.
A: Contact the Support Desk; they will create the new user’s contact information in the portal. The Support Desk will need:

  • the name of the district and the school
  • the first and last name of the user
  • the user’s birthdate (month and day only, to be used to validate the user’s identity when calls are made to the Support Desk)
  • the desired permission level (“User” for students, “Enhanced User” for teachers and staff)
  • and (optionally) an MEDMS ID number for the user (for user identity validation)

Q: I reimaged the device and it is stuck at the wireless logon.
A: Contact the Support Desk; they will push the onboarding script to the device

Q: I need the temporary admin or power user account enabled.
A: Contact the Support Desk; they will create and enable the temporary admin or power user account, and will provide the account password to the caller (after confirming that the caller is the school tech resource.)

Q: The device has been accidentally damaged (cracked screen, liquid spilled on device, etc.) 
A: Contact the Support Desk. After determining that the device has been damaged by accident or through neglect, the Support Desk advises the tech resource that charges may apply. The incident will be referred to HP for replacement (including determination of appropriate charges).

Q: The device has a hardware failure (hard drive, etc.) 
A: Contact the Support Desk; they will open an incident ticket with all of the pertinent information, and will transfer the incident ticket to the repair organization. The caller will be instructed to issue a spare device (if available) to the user to replace the failed device. A replacement device will be shipped to the school by the repair organization; upon receipt of this replacement device, the damaged device must be shipped to the repair depot by the school, using the shipping materials from the replacement unit and a provided return shipping tag.

If your troubleshooting is taking more than 10 minutes, we suggest you contact the Help Desk. The Help Desk staff will assist you with device troubleshooting, including, if deemed necessary, re-imaging of the device.