Replacement Devices


Replacements are sent to schools by the Repair Depot. After confirming the need for replacement with the Help Desk, a replacement device will be sent via “Next-Day” UPS Shipment. 

Paid Replacements

MLTI Schools needing to replace a device through the paid replacement process should submit a purchase order to the MLTI Project Office. 

The purchase order should contain:

  • asset tag (s)
  • serial number
  • machine type
  • replacement dollar amount
  • bill to address
  • ship to address

Please send PO to: 

MLTI Project Office
23 State House Station
Augusta ME 04333

Bag Replacements


Lost or Stolen Bags

The district is responsible for purchasing and replacing lost carrying cases. These carrying cases are available at a discounted price. Contact Jasmine Tullis to order additional bags.

Defective Bags

Targus has determined there is the potential that some of the Targus City Gear Cases provided with the HP-MLTI solution may be defective. To rectify the situation, Targus will begin shipping replacement/spare bags Friday, February 28th to each HP-MLTI school (expect quantities of approximately 15% of initial deployment).

These bags are intended to simplify the replacement process by providing you a local inventory of replacements. If a bag fails, you may use one of these replacements to replace that defective bag.

If additional bags are required, please do the following:

  • Contact Targus at (800) 506-6905 
  • Identify yourself as “STATE OF MAINE” 
  • SKU TSS545US 
  • Provide shipping address/phone # 

Schools DO NOT need to send defective cases back to Targus. It’s okay for the schools to destroy or dispose of defective bags on site.

We’re confident the above approach will remove from circulation any bags with less than optimal manufacturing.

If you have questions, please contact Gregg Smith, Project Manager.


For replacement batteries, battery chargers or other accessories, please contact Jasmine Tullis at (603) 440-3520.