If you have a device that has a hardware problem, please follow the below steps or use the process explained to you by the Help Desk.

  1. Call the Help Desk at 1-855-936-2253.
  2. Provide the Serial Number of the device needing repair.
    • The device serial number is located on the bottom of the device on the Asset Tag or in the battery compartment.
  3. The Help Desk will create a ticket for the call.
  4. Explain the nature of the problem.
    • The Help Desk will work with you to troubleshoot the root of the problem to determine if it is software related or possibly an intermittent issue.
  5. Once it has been determined that the device indeed has a hardware failure the Help Desk will forward the call to the HP Repair Depot.
    • The Help Desk will validate proper ship-to address and point of contact.
  6. Technical Lead will need to assign the school's spare device from the Spare pool to the student/teacher user in the Asset Management system as described in HP Setup and go through the onboarding process for the device as described under Equipment Onboarding section. 
  7. The Repair Depot will send a Replacement device to you via Next-Day UPS Shipment.
    • Serial # and Ticket # displayed on the shipping label
  8. When the Replacement device arrives at the school, the Technical Lead will then assign the Replacement device (labeled as Repair Device) to Spare Device in the Asset Management system and go through the onboarding process for the device as described under Equipment Onboarding section in HP Setup.
    • Select Spare Device from the drop-down menu 
    • Click the Update button to assign the device.
  9. The device needing repair should be placed back into the shipping box and the enclosed return shipping label placed on the box. 
    • The school contact will need to contact UPS to pick up the shipment.
    • DO NOT include power adapter , cord or accessories with device 
    • NOTE: Please return the device (with battery) in need of repair back to the HP Repair Depot as soon as possible.
  10. Once the device needing repair has been received back at the HP Repair Depot the service ticket will be closed.