Food Safety Videos

Prepping Ourselves for the Kitchen with Alisa Roman

Understand the importance of personal hygiene, proper clothing, and hair restraints while working with food.

Prepping Fruits & Vegetables with Edible Skins with Alisa Roman

Learn how to safely prepare, wash, and handle foods that will be consumed with their skins intact.

Calibrating Thermometers with
Alisa Roman

Do you know how to calibrate a thermometer? How often does your kitchen do this? Learn how to properly calibrate your thermometers and have confidence knowing your temperature readings are accurate and your food is safe.

Proper Food Storage with
Alisa Roman

Learn how to store foods safely and effectively, thereby improving quality and increasing shelf life.

Cutting Boards with
Alisa Roman

Paying attention to which cutting board is for what items, as well as washing, storing, and using properly is an important part of keeping our food safe.

Cleaning Kitchen Surfaces with
Alisa Roman

Learn how to keep your food contact surfaces clean and safe.

Fish Safety & Promotion with
Chef Mike Flynn