Educator Preparation Approval Process

Initial and Renewal Program Approval

The preparation programs for educational personnel must meet the state-adopted standards and allow an accredited degree-granting unit to recommend its graduates for certification. All academic institutions preparing educators for initial certification must have approved programs. Program approval recommendation will be the avenue by which those persons who successfully complete the approved program will be recommended for certification in the appropriate categories for which the school is approved.

Following a school's initial approval to offer educator preparation programs, approval must be reaffirmed every five years, as long as the school continues to satisfy the standards and requirements as established by the State Board of Education. The State Board of Education and the Maine DOE are committed to promoting the development of innovative and collaborative practices with schools in the area of educational personnel education.

The six program approval standards reflect the encouragement of innovations and interactive practices in such areas as gender equity, cultural diversity, involvement of parents and community and global approaches to educational personnel education.  In addition, the Board and the Department support innovation in school relationships in areas such as collaborative program development, as well as school- and classroom-based research.

Learn more about the approval of educator preparation programs by reading Rule Chapter 114.