Student Cabinet


The Maine Department of Education's Student Cabinet is a group of students that meet monthly with representatives from the Maine DOE to discuss educational opportunities, improvements, and policy. The purpose of the Student Cabinet is to provide a forum for Maine students’ voices to be heard.


How to become a Student Cabinet Member
Student Cabinet members are selected through an application process in the fall of each year based on anticipated openings. Students grades 4 – 12 and first year of college can apply to be a member of the Student Cabinet.

Applications for the 2022/2023 Student Cabinet have closed. Applications are expected to open again in the Fall of 2023.
Application Review Process
Applications are reviewed by a team of Department staff. Selected applicants are chosen for their thoughtful responses to the open-ended questions on the application. The Department has the goal of appointing two students from each county in Maine based on the application pool.

2022/2023 Student Cabinet


Sutton Androscoggin
Aylin Androscoggin
Hannah Aroostook
Jamila Cumberland
Malia Cumberland
Mira Cumberland
Abigail Franklin
Malak Kennebec
Isabella Knox
Hannah Lincoln
Akouvi Penobscot
Isaac Sagadahoc
Drake Somerset
Joshua State Board
Tyler Waldo
Cecilia Washington
Gabriel  York
Amaya York
Ryan State Board
Ronan Lincoln
Ahnalese Somerset
Emily Waldo
Danielle Washington
Rossalyn Aroostook County 
Addison Kennebec
Maden Knox
Lucas Oxford

2021/2022 Student Cabinet


Hannah Aroostook
Anonymous Hancock
Nayeli Hancock
Mira Cumberland
Cecilia  Washington
Chase  Franklin
Graham  Knox
Isaac  Sagadahoc
Sutton  Androscoggin
Isabella  Knox
Hannah Lincoln
Akouvi  Penobscot
Zafir  Penobscot
Gabriel York
Caeleigh York
Sophie  Lincoln
Drake  Somerset
Karli  Washington
Jamila  Cumberland
Malia  Cumberland
Lily  Cumberland
Abigail  Franklin
Amaya  York
Aylin  Androscoggin
Malak  Kennebec
Tyler  Waldo
Macy  York
Nate  Cumberland
Luna  Hancock
Ollie Oxford
Sophie  Oxford
Aishwarya  Penobscot
Nathanael   Piscataquis
Max  Waldo
Meghan  Androscoggin
Joshua  State Board Student Representative
Greyson State Board Student Representative


2020/2021 Student Cabinet


Chair: Casey Maddock, Maine State Board of Education Student Representatives

Cadence  Androscoggin Returning Member
Meghan  Androscoggin New Member
Nicholas Aroostook Returning Member
Jana Aroostook New Member
Lily Cumberland New Member
Nate Cumberland New Member
Leela Cumberland Returning Member
Monica Franklin Returning Member
Chase Franklin New Member
Nayeli  Hancock New Member
Luna Hancock New Member
Sarah Hancock Returning Member
Rhayna Kennebec Returning Member
Emmett Knox Returning Member
Graham Knox New Member
Sophie Lincoln New Member
Emma Lincoln Returning Member
Hailey Lincoln New Member
Connor Oxford Returning Member
Sophie Oxford New Member
Maya Penobscot Returning Member
Abigail Penobscot New Member
Nathanael Piscataquis New Member
Brooke Piscataquis Returning Member
Isabel Sagadahoc Returning Member
Savea Somerset Returning Member
Max Waldo New Member
Stephanie Waldo Returning Member
Karli Washington New Member
Matthew Washington Returning Member
Sarah York Returning Member
Caeleigh York New Member
Macy York New Member

2019/2020 Student Cabinet


Co-chairs: Jaylee Rice and Casey Maddock, Maine State Board of Education Student Representatives

Name  County 
Klara Androscoggin
Cadence Androscoggin
Nicholas Aroostook
Damon Aroostook
Fiona Cumberland
Leela Cumberland
Katelyn Cumberland
Josh Cumberland
Monica Franklin
Mackenzie Franklin
Sarah Hancock
Avahnnah Hancock
Rhayna Kennebec
Cecilia Kennebec
Emmett Knox
Isaiah Knox
Emma Lincoln
Zaid Lincoln
Alexi Oxford
Connor Oxford
Maya Penobscot
Sam Penobscot
Brooke Piscataquis
Isabel Sagadahoc
Madison Sagadahoc
Savea Somerset
Annabelle Somerset
Gaby Waldo
Stephanie Waldo
Matthew Washington
Sarah York
William York


Rachel Paling
Communications & Outreach Manager