Patient Information

Rights & Responsibilities

You Have the Right

  • To be treated respectfully at all times.
  • To be free from all kinds and forms of abuse and exploitation.
  • To receive the best care available.
  • To be fully involved in all decisions and aspects of your care.
  • To refuse any care or treatment.
  • To be paid for your work.
  • To have access to an advocate.
  • To have your privacy respected and confidentiality protected
  • To have anyone you designate be informed and involved in your care.
  • To have an interpreter or other assistance to communicate your needs.
  • To have regular access to phone calls and visitors.
  • To continue to worship in your preferred religion

You Have the Responsibility

  • To participate in your treatment
  • To provide the treatment staff accurate information
  • To participate in your unit activities.
  • To attend meals in the dining area
  • To attend the treatment mall
  • To ask questions if you don’t understand something
  • To raise concerns anytime you see or hear something you think is inappropriate.
  • To be respectful of the property of other patients
  • To be respectful of the property of the staff and this hospital