About Riverview

The Riverview Psychiatric Center, in collaboration with the community, is a center for best practice, treatment, education and research, for individuals with serious, persistent mental illness, and co-occurring substance use disorders.

Riverview Psychiatric Center as seen by:

Patients - Riverview provides outstanding, compassionate, effective care that recognizes the individual wants and needs of those served. Our staff provide trauma informed care using evidence- based treatment interventions such as cognitive behavioral therapy, metacognitive therapy, Illness Management and Recovery, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, and psychoeducation.  The focus on therapeutic relationships and alliance as the primary tool to support and assist the patient is maintained through a tangible, patient-centered service delivery model. Fidelity to goals of coercive-free interventions while maximizing safety is strictly maintained. Patient comfort, patient self-determination, and recovery are themes consistently expressed.

Employees - Skill enhancement and the celebration of service excellence is the magnetism which binds the work force. Pride in serving as a Center of Excellence for persons with serious mental illness is an expressed characteristic of all. Continual learning and professional growth of all employees adds to the rich camaraderie shared in the facility. Riverview provides a safe work environment for all employees. It is well recognized that Riverview’s long-term viability is maintained only through maintaining and exceeding the highest standards of care and satisfaction of those we serve.

Community Provider Partners - Riverview is a vital resource for education and expertise, and is easily accessible to community providers. As a service collaborator, Riverview values integration of multiple service views and works diligently with community partners to achieve a continuous care spanning the service system.

Community - Riverview Psychiatric Center provides effective and efficient care to citizens of Maine. As an organization it is highly accountable and a responsible steward of public trust and funding. Riverview enhances the community as a significant employer, and as a resource to help persons to recover and enjoy all aspects of citizenship.

Students - Riverview Psychiatric Center provides educational opportunities for nursing, physician assistant, psychiatric nurse practitioner, social work interns for undergrad and graduate levels, psychology practicum students, substance abuse counselor students, and doctoral psychology students. Our psychology internship program is accredited by the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC). We recruit and select qualified interns from a national pool of candidates, including OT, RT, and rehab students.

History of Augusta Mental Health Institution

Learn more about the long history of Riverview Psychiatric Center, formerly the Augusta Mental health Institute.

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