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Maine Cancer Registry - Requests for Data

The MCR welcomes requests for data. The end goal of collecting information on all cancers diagnosed in Maine is to use the data for cancer control planning and evaluation. When requesting data, it is important to know that the most recent data, both state and national, will be at least 2 years old due to the time necessary for processing and ensuring high quality and complete data. Requests are grouped into 3 categories:

Annual Reports

MCR's annual reports include cancer incidence and mortality rates as well as stage at diagnosis for common cancers (e.g. lung, breast). These requests can be filled quickly since the data is routinely produced.

Summary Data/Special Reports

Sometimes students, planning agencies or health care providers need an answer to a specific question about cancer in Maine. These requests are special reports that include aggregate data that is not routinely produced. In these cases, the MCR's epidemiologist will work with the requester to determine what registry data will best meet the caller's needs. An MCR epidemiologist will reach out to you once the data request has been submitted through this portal.

Data for Research

Occasionally researchers will need very detailed information about cancer in Maine. They are doing original studies to learn more about cancer. The MCR has a special application process for those researchers to receive data while protecting the confidentiality of Maine citizens. Each year the MCR processes a number of research requests. Researchers requesting identifiable data must complete an Application and provide all data included in the MCR Checklist. All identifiable data requests will be reviewed by MCR.

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Data request forms can be submitted by email to Katherine Boris, Data Quality Manager,