Underage Drinking Law Enforcement Trainings

SAMHS sponsors training for law enforcement through the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention's EUDL grant. All of the trainings offered through this program are free.

Please go to www.mainepreventioncalendar.org to see what is currently being offered.


Using a Tech-Based Tip Program to Detect and Intervene with Underage Drinking : This webinar describes how one Maine coalition worked with law enforcement and other community stakeholders to establish an anonymous tech-based tip service for underage drinking which they call eTip.  This successful program has supported the area communities and law enforcement in detecting and intervening more proactively in underage drinking occurrences- and can be used to identify other youth safety matters, such as suicide and bullying.  This tip program not only facilitates law enforcement detection, but can also increase youth and adult perceptions that they will be caught for underage drinking and/or illegal alcohol furnishing. 

To discuss training opportunities around underage drinking enforcement, please contact Christine Theriault : 207-287-8917