Preventative Care of Infants

In accordance with Maine law, a physician, midwife, or nurse is required to instill prophylactic ophthalmic ointment into the eyes of an infant within twenty-four (24) hours after birth and administer a dose of vitamin K to an infant intramuscularly within six (6) hours after birth. (22 MRS, § 1531.).

PL c. 613 129th 2nd session effective 06/16/2020 shows the changes to the related section of the governing statute. As a nonemergency law passed in the Second Regular Session of the 129th Legislature, the law is effective Tuesday, June 16, 2020.

Vitamin K Injection - An important preventive treatment for your baby (PDF)

Disease Prevention Order Form

If a family choses to refuse either of these preventative services, they are required to complete and send the Preventative Care of Infants after Birth Refusal Form to the Children with Special Health Needs office:

Maine Newborn Screening Program
11 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333
or fax to (207) 287-4743