Asthma Information - Asthma and Pregnancy

Pregnant mothers with a diagnosis of asthma are at a unique risk if their asthma is out of control or poorly managed. Chances are that if the mother is not getting enough oxygen, her baby may not be getting enough either. Guidelines state that it is safer to take asthma medicine than it is to have an asthma attack while pregnant.

Six tips to help you have a healthier pregnancy, and a healthy baby:

  • Tell your doctor if you have asthma
  • Use your medications unless your doctor tells you to stop
  • Keep away from triggers that will make your asthma worse like tobacco smoke, dust or animals with fur
  • Poorly controlled asthma can lead to a low birth weight baby
  • Having an asthma attack while pregnant may be dangerous for both mother and baby
  • Asthma can be managed

Download an informational card on asthma and pregnancy (PDF)

Asthma Info Pregnancy Chart
sample informational card