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Telephone (207) 287-4298

Fax (207) 287-4631

TTY Number use Maine relay 711

Website: Rethink Diabetes Maine

Title Name Telphone #
Diabetes Prevention Coordinator Kelly Flanagan
(207) 287-4298
Program Manager Feargal Semple
(207) 287-2907

What is the Maine DPCP

The Maine Diabetes Prevention and Control Program (DPCP) is a program of the Maine Department of Health and Human Services- Center for Disease Control and Prevention- Division of Disease Prevention. The DPCP is a public health program funded in Maine since 1977, which is supported through a cooperative agreement between the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the State of Maine.


• A healthy population and quality of life in Maine


• We exist to coordinate resources and expertise Statewide to prevent and reduce the burden of chronic diseases

Program Goal

• Prevent diabetes and related complications, disabilities and burden

Program Priorities:

• Promote excellence in diabetes care and increase access to care

• Promote and support diabetes self-management training

• Eliminate disparities related to diabetes prevention and control

The DPCP works with partners to reduce death, disability and healthcare costs due to diabetes in Maine. Key functions of the DPCP include: planning and evaluation, training and technical assistance, coordinating resources, and monitoring trends

The DPCP and the Maine DHHS-CDC, Cardiovascular Health Program, along with many of their partners developed a 10-year, statewide cardiovascular health and diabetes strategic plan (2011-2020) (PDF). This plan was released in August 2011, and is intended to serve as a guiding document for public health leaders, healthcare providers, educators and policy makers to prevent and control cardiovascular disease and diabetes in Maine.

Diabetes Action Alliance of Maine (DAAM)

DAAM Mission Statement and Goals: Mission Statement (PDF)

DAAM Members List: 2017 Members List (PDF)