Improving Immunization Rates

Maine Immunization Quality Improvement For Providers

Formerly known as AFIX, Immunization Quality Improvement for Providers (IQIP) is a CDC program using evidence-based strategies to increase the percent of children and adolescents who are vaccinated on time.

The purpose of IQIP is to promote and support the implementation of provider-level quality improvement strategies designed to increase vaccine uptake among childhood and adolescent patients in adherence to the ACIP-recommended routine schedule.

IQIP Provides technical assistance to three core QI strategies:

  1. Scheduling a next visit before the patient leaves.
  2. Leveraging the ImmPact (AFIX Product) function to improve immunization practices; and
  3. Providing vaccine recommendations

If your clinic is interested in improving your immunization practice and raising immunization rates, check out the resources below or email A health educator will work with your clinic to choose and implement process improvement strategies and activities that meet your clinic’s needs.