Viral Hepatitis Program

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The Viral Hepatitis Program is a federally funded State of Maine program dedicated to preventing and controlling viral hepatitis.  This involves collaborating with local, state, and national public health programs that work with high-risk individuals e.g., STD, HIV, Immunization, and Infectious Disease, as well as correctional health, substance abuse treatment programs, syringe exchange, and health care organizations providing primary and specialty care and treatment.

Primary Activities

  • Training, providing technical assistance and hepatitis C antibody test kits for testing and counseling sites serving adults at high risk for hepatitis C statewide;
  • Training, providing technical assistance and adult hepatitis A and B vaccine statewide for adults at risk for viral hepatitis;
  • Maintaining a viral hepatitis resource guide to assist with coordination of linkage to care for medical evaluation;  
  • Training and educating the general public and professionals serving persons at-risk about viral hepatitis through events such as Hepatitis Awareness Month;
  • Providing consultation for professionals and the public about viral hepatitis prevention, transmission, diagnosis, and treatment;
  • Promoting awareness about the scope of hepatitis C epidemic among the general public, persons at-risk and health and social service professionals;
  • Chair Viral Hepatitis Task Force (TBD)
  • Development of educational materials for hepatitis B/C prevention among high risk groups.
  • Collaboration with the Maine Harm Reduction Alliance on drug user health issues

Resource Tools:

National Affiliations

U.S. CDC, Division of Viral Hepatitis 
National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors (NASTAD)