HIV, STD, and Viral Hepatitis Program

HIV/STD Prevention Program

The Maine HIV Prevention Program is one of five collaborative programs that make up the Maine HIV, STD, and Viral Hepatitis Program.  The HIV Prevention Program provides HIV Counseling Testing and Referral Services by purchasing contracted services from community-based organizations and health clinics and supports other services to prevention the transmission of HIV. 

Primary Activities:

  • Support services that help prevent HIV – education, outreach, and HIV testing.
  • Provide Partner Services which includes Partner Counseling and Referral Services and Disease Intervention Services.
  • Certify all Needle Exchange Programs.
  • Provide counseling, testing and referral service trainings for HIV testing sites and needle exchanges.
  • Provide HIV testing and prevention updates for clinical and community-based providers.
  • Support and participate in the HIV Prevention Community Planning Process.

Sample Indicators:

  • Percent of newly identified, confirmed HIV positive test results among all tests reported by HIV counseling, testing, and referral sites.
  • Percent of newly identified, confirmed HIV positive test results returned to clients.
  • Percent of reporting a prevalence of HIV positive results equal to or greater than the jurisdictions target.
  • The mean number of outreach and referral contacts needed to get one person to take an HIV test.

Data Collected and Available:

  • Aggregate HIV Testing Data.
    • Number of tests done at publicly funded sites.
    • Number newly diagnosed HIV cases.
      • Both through public sites and private providers.
    • Performance indicators.
    • Demographics of those being tested.

Cross Program Collaboration

The HIV Prevention program strives to integrate services with the Care, STD, Viral Hepatitis, and HIV Surveillance Program to provide a compressive approach to reduce the spread of all STD’s and ensure those who are newly diagnosed have quick access to care and treatment services.  Collaboration between programs ensures efficient use of resources and unduplicated services. 

Community Partnerships:

  • Frannie Peabody Center
  • Maine Medical Center: Gilman Clinic
  • Health Equity Alliance (HEAL)
  • MaineGeneral Horizon Clinic
  • Access Immigrant Network (MAIN)
  • Regional Medical Center of Lubec
  • Wabanaki Health and Wellness
  • Planned Parenthood of New England
  • Family Planning Association of Maine

Staff Capacity

The program is currently staffed by:

  • Kiara Carabello - Program Manager
  • Alyssa Farmer – Public Health Educator/Testing Coordinator
  • Brenda Kendall – Linkage to Care Coordinator

Resource Tools:

National Affiliations

Federal CDC:

National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors

  • The National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors (NASTAD) represents the nation’s chief state health agency staff who have programmatic responsibility for administering HIV/AIDS healthcare, prevention, education, and supportive service programs funded by state and federal governments.
  • National Alliance of State and territorial AIDS Directors web site