HIV, STD, and Viral Hepatitis Program

Program Contacts and Information - Maine AIDS Drug Assistance Program

The AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) is a federally funded program, operating at the state level, which ensures access to the prescription medications needed to manage and treat HIV. The ADAP assists clients to access the prescription medications deemed necessary to manage and treat HIV, and to prevent and treat illnesses that develop as a result of a suppressed immune system, or are commonly associated with HIV (e.g. Opportunistic Infections). The ADAP is designated as a ‘payer of last resort’.

Primary Activities

  • Ensure access to life saving medications for people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWH/A) and health insurance continuance.
  • Act as resource to PLWH/A to connect them to medical care, case management and health insurance.
  • Ensure that ADAP is the payer of last resort in compliance with federal law.
  • Education of HIV case managers, pharmacists, medical providers, and consumers about available services for PLWH/A.
  • Coordinate with State Medicaid program to ensure access to care.

Data Collected and Available

  • Demographic, Insurance, HIV related lab data upon enrollment, ARV use, and drug costs.

2010 Data

  • Number of clients enrolled in ADAP: 795
  • Number of new clients: 120
  • Number of clients who accessed insurance continuation or medications: 530
  • Average cost per client: $301.61 per month
  • Total prescription drug cost:$766,921.07

Cross Program Collaboration

The ADAP collaborates with the Surveillance Program to facilitate new case identification and with the Viral Hepatitis Program to provide access to a patient assistance program for viral hepatitis medications.

Community Partnerships

The ADAP works with six AIDS Service Organizations and 3 Ryan White Part C Programs to provide training to HIV Medical Case Managers and medical providers.


ADAP is funded primarily through the federal government through the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program. The ADAP receives a limited amount of state funding.

Staff Capacity

The ADAP program currently has 1.8 FTEs.

Resource Tools:

Enrollment information, drug coverage, and ADAP policies are posted at:

National Affiliations

  • National Association of State and Territorial AIDS Directors
    • Membership, technical assistance
  • AIDS Crisis Taskforce
    • Negotiates rebates