Radon Service Provider Continuing Education Page

All Maine registered radon service providers (RSP) are required to refresh or enhance their skills through continued education in radon related topics. If you are a non-supervised tester or mitigator, every year a minimum of 8 "continuing education units" (CEU’s) must be obtained to maintain your registration status. If you are a non-supervised tester AND mitigator, then you need a total of 12 CEU's every year.

This page has been developed as a resource for our RSP's to find the training for the CEU's they must obtain before their next registration renewal. There are various ways to satisfy your continuing education requirements. They include taking an onsite course, a distance learning course, attending a radon-related or "building as a system" workshop or seminar, etc. If you have taken any of the approved courses (see list below), to obtain CEU's for the activity simply retain the certificates of attendance or course completion and submit a copy along with your renewal forms at registration time. If you wish to take alternate training that does not have prior approval (not on this list), before you take the training contact us with information about the training to make sure it will be acceptable. Then after the training, submit a "Continuing Education Activity Approval Request Form". This form must be filled out as completely as possible for you to receive the maximum amount of CEU's for the training, and attached to it there must be a copy of the course outline and information on the material covered as well as a copy of your certificate of attendance or completion.

State of Maine Approved Radon Instruction:

The Maine Radiation Control Program, Radon Section has adopted the policy that it will accept all National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP) and National Radon safety Board (NRSB) approved radon courses for both initial training and continuing education. This provides a much larger pool of available opportunities for initial and continuing education for all radon service providers. Please remember, however, that the Maine Radon Registration Act and the Maine Air and Water Radon Service Provider Registration Rules, and all other Maine specific regulations and policies supersede any conflicting information that may be dispensed in these national training modules. It is the Maine Radon Service Providers responsibility to ensure that he or she is aware of all Maine radon requirements, some of which vary from the EPA protocols or those from other states.

NRPP Approved Radon Instruction Pages:



NRSB Approved Radon Instruction Page:



Other courses accepted:

Courses or conferences offered by the Maine Indoor Quality Council https://www.maineindoorair.org

ASHI approved trainings at half the ASHI approved value.

As discussed above, any training not specific to radon or radon training that is not listed here will require submission of the "Continuing Education Activity Request Approval Form" and course agenda, etc. for review by our office. Contact us if you need the form sent to you.

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