Maine's Potassium Iodide Policy

The Maine Center for Disease Control & Prevention (MCDCP) is not recommending that the Maine Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) maintain a state supply (stockpile) of Potassium Iodide (KI) for distribution to Maine citizens in the event of a terrorist attack or other unexpected nuclear event. With the closure and dismantling of Maine Yankee, there are no current sources in the State of Maine for radiologic accidents that would necessitate the use of KI on an emergency basis. There are two nearby nuclear plants (one in New Hampshire and one in New Brunswick). However, Maine people are not within a 10 mile radius of either of these plants, which is recommended for the use of KI. Furthermore any persons in New Hampshire or New Brunswick at the time of any incident at those plants would be evacuated by a pre-arranged route that would not include Maine. Other sources of nuclear terrorist actions, such as "Dirty Bombs" would not include material for which KI would be useful. We are not recommending that individual citizens in any part of Maine maintain a supply of KI for personal use for the same reasons. However, should individuals wish to disregard this advice and maintain a supply of KI, this medication is now available without a prescription. Dose recommendations can be obtained from your private physician.