Providing Healthy Housing

A Guide to Healthy Homes Laws for Rental Property Owners & Managers



You and your tenants have responsibilities and rights if one of your units has a bedbug problem. Maine's bedbug infestation law External site disclaimer requires tenants to notify property owners of a bedbug infestation, and requires landlords to use a professional pest control agent to identify and remedy an infestation.

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Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Since 2009, Maine law has required carbon monoxide detectors in all rental units External site disclaimer. Detectors must be powered by the building's electrical service and have a battery for back-up power. Detectors are also required in seasonal rental units, new single family homes, and existing homes at property transfer or renovation.

baby with mouth on window sill with lead paint


What happens when a child living in a rental unit gets lead poisoning? Maine's Lead Poisoning Control Act External site disclaimerspells it all out, including the landlord's responsibilities to abate the unit and relocate tenants at his expense. Landlords must also tell tenants what they know about lead paint in their unit External site disclaimer when entering into a lease agreement and give tenants in buildings built before 1978 30 days written notice before beginning any repair, renovation, or remodeling activity External site disclaimer.

Read Maine CDC's information about lead for landlords.

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By March 1, 2014, and then every 10 years, by law all rental units must be tested for radon in the air External site disclaimer. Only a registered radon tester can do the test. Maine CDC has information about the law and a sample disclosure form.

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Smoke Detectors

Rental units must have smoke detectors. Read the law External site disclaimer to find out what kinds are required and where they have to be placed in the unit or building.

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Smoke-free Policies & Disclosure

Do you know that smoke-free policies are not discriminatory? Do you know about the new disclosure law External site disclaimer that requires landlords tell tenants in writing where smoking is allowed, if anywhere, on the property. Smoke Free Housing has information and sample disclosure forms for landlords External site disclaimer.


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