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Well Driller's Commission


The Maine Well Drillers Commission was created by an act of the Legislature in 1994 to protect drinking water and groundwater quality by establishing standards for well location and construction and minimum requirements for licensure as a well driller or pump installer. The Commission also investigates complaints regarding potential violations of the Well Drillers and Pump Installers Rules, 144 CMR 232 (doc). The Commission meets on the second Wednesday of each month. Members are appointed by the Governor and include three licensed well drillers, three geologists employed by the State, and one layperson. The Commission can be contacted by calling its clerk at (207) 287-5699 or at


Complaints regarding the work of a licensed well driller or pump installer must be in writing (can be anonymous) and should include as much information as possible. Complaints must be received by the Commission within 2 years of the date the work in question was performed. Please include pictures, water quality test results, the location of the well, the name(s) of the individuals and companies that performed the work, the date the work was performed, and a written description of the problem and issues that initiated the complaint. Submit all of the above information to the Commissionís clerk listed below. The Commission will review the complaint at its next regular meeting. Complaints determined to have the potential for a violation of the rules will be investigated by the Commissionís independent inspector. Complaints that do not appear to include a violation of the rules will not be accepted for investigation. An example of a typical complaint that is not a violation of the rules is water with high amounts of iron. Drillers are not typically responsible for the levels of naturally occurring contaminants.

Well Driller Complaint Form (PDF)


  • New Notice of Intent to Hydrofrack is now available.
  • Meetings will be held at 18 Elkins Lane, Harlow Building, Room 109, Augusta, ME until further notice.

Useful Links for Well Owners

Well Driller's Commission Members:

Dwight Doughty, Department of Transportation, Chairperson

Mike Otley, Public Member

Joe Gallant, Master Well Driller

David Braley, Drinking Water Program, 441-5324

Frank Hegarty, Master Well Driller

Daniel Locke, Maine Geological Survey

Glenn Dyer, Master Well Driller

Meetings & Minutes:

The Water Well Commission meets at 9:00am on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 18 Elkins Lane, Harlow Building, Room 109, Augusta, ME, unless otherwise indicated in the table below.

2019 2018 2017 2016 2015
January 9, 2019 January 10, 2018 January 11, 2017 January 13, 2016 January 14, 2015
No Meeting February 14, 2018 February 8, 2017 February 10, 2016 February 11, 2015
March 13, 2019 March 21, 2018 March 29, 2017 No Meeting March 11, 2015
April 10, 2019 April 11, 2018 No Meeting April 13, 2016 No Meeting
May 8, 2019 May 9, 2018 No Meeting May 13, 2016 May 13, 2015
June 12, 2019 June 13, 2018 June 14, 2017 June 8, 2016 June 10, 2015
July 10, 2019 July 12, 2018 No Meeting July 13, 2016 No Meeting
August 14, 2019 No Meeting August 9, 2017 August 10, 2016 August 12, 2015
September 11, 2019 September 12, 2018 September 13, 2017 September 14, 2016 No Meeting
No Meeting No Meeting October 11, 2017 October 12, 2016 October 21, 2015
November 13, 2019 November 14, 2018 November 8, 2017 November 9, 2016 November 10, 2015
December 11, 2019 December 12, 2018 December 13, 2017 December 14, 2016 December 9, 2015

For copies of older minutes call (207) 287-2070.


The Well Driller and Pump Installer Exams are taken at the Drinking Water Program's office at 286 Water Street in Augusta, ME. Please contact the Commission, at (207) 287-2070 for further information about the exams.

Licensed Well Drillers and Pump Installers

Licensed Well Drillers and Pump Installers - Individuals (xlsx)
Licensed Well Drilling and Pump Installing Companies (xlsx)

Application Forms

Well Drillers

Well Driller and Pump Installer License Renewal Form (PDF)
Apprentice Water Well Driller Application (PDF)
Journeyman Water Well Driller Exam Application (PDF)
Master Water Well Driller Exam Application (PDF)

Pump Installers

Well Driller and Pump Installer License Renewal Form (PDF)
Apprentice Pump Installer Application (pdf)
Journeyman Pump Installer Exam Application (pdf)
Master Pump Installer Exam Application (pdf)


Company Registration Application (pdf)
Company Renewal Application (PDF)

Specialty Wells

Specialty Well Application (PDF)
Setback Reduction Notification (PDF)


Policy to Determine Casing or Liner & Seals for Specialty Wells (PDF)