About the Board

The purpose of the Board, which was established in 1891, is to protect the public health and welfare by seeking to ensure that the public is served by competent and honest practitioners. This is done by establishing minimum standards of proficiency, and by examining, licensing, regulating and disciplining those who practice in the profession. The primary responsibilities of the Board are to license qualified applicants; promulgate rules; investigate complaints and cases of possible noncompliance with laws; and impose discipline when deemed appropriate.

The Board is a nine-member regulatory body comprised of 5 dentists, 2 dental hygienists, 1 denturist and 1 public member. The Board also has a Subcommittee on Dental Hygienists and a Subcommittee on Denturists comprised of additional dental practitioners who make recommendations to the full Board on regulatory matters. All members are appointed by the Governor and meetings are scheduled on a monthly basis.

The Board employs its own administrative staff and is provided with legal staff by the Office of the Maine Attorney General.

About the Licensure Program

The Board grants licenses in the following categories: dentists, dental hygienists, dental therapists, denturists, independent practice dental hygienists, dental hygienists with public health supervision, expanded function dental assistants, and dental radiographers. The Board also issues permits to qualified licensees to perform certain dental procedures, including the use of nitrous oxide, local anesthesia, moderate sedation, deep sedation and general anesthesia.

Members of the Board and Subcommittees

Board Members
Mark D. Zajkowski, DDS, MD, Board Chair Dentist Member
Tracey Jowett, RDH, Board Vice Chair Dental Hygiene Member
Rebecca J. Connor, D Denturist Member
Glen S. Davis, DMD Dentist Member
Kathryn Walker Norris, RDH, EFDA Dental Hygiene Member
Todd Ray, DMD Dentist Member
Emily B. Scholl, DMD Dentist Member
Jeffrey R. Walawender, DDS Dentist Member
M. Lourdes Wellington Public Member
Subcommittee on Dental Hygienists Members
Tracey Jowett, RDH, Subcommittee Chair Dental Hygiene Member/Board Member
Glen S. Davis, DMD Dentist Member/Board Member
Jeffrey R. Walawender, DDS Dentist Member/Board Member
Vacant Dental Hygiene Member
Vacant Dental Hygiene Member
Subcommittee on Denturists Members:
Michael Adkins, Subcommittee Chair Denturist Member
Rebecca J. Connor, LD Denturist Member/Board Member
Todd Ray, DMD, Subcommittee Secretary Dentist Member/Board Member
Vacant Denturist Member
Vacant Dentist Member/Board Member