Business Recovery and Resilience Fund

Program Overview

The Maine Legislature established the Business Recovery and Resiliency Fund and funded it with $10,000,000 to provide grant opportunities to businesses and organizations, including nonprofit organizations, affected by specified severe weather-related events. These events include the December 18, 2023 storm, the January 10, 2024 storm and the January 13, 2024 storm. Projects may include a recovery component for damage sustained and must include efforts to increase business resilience to future storms and other climate conditions.

Program Goals

This program provides grants to businesses and nonprofit organizations impacted by the December 18, 2023 storm, the January 10, 2024 storm or the January 13, 2024 storm for recovery, rebuilding and investments in more resilient infrastructure. Infrastructure project types may include infrastructure upgrades, improvements, or installation of drainage systems, moving electrical or business equipment, relocating the business to a more protected location within Maine and investing in additional insurance.

The program is not intended to replace lost profits or revenue but rather to help businesses remain viable and resilient against future weather-related events. The top priority is to ensure that all businesses are reopened. 

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Grant Documents

Program Guidelines (pdf)

Frequently Asked Questions (pdf)

Application Portal Questions (pdf)

Grant Application Portal

Maine Business Recovery and Resilience Fund Grant Application Portal