License and Permit Applications


Important Licensee and Applicant Information related to COVID-19 Crisis

Please visit the 2020 COVID-19 Industry Guidance Memos page for more details.

If you do not have Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat, you will need to Get Word Viewer Free or Get Adobe Reader Free to view DOC or PDF files. The files noted with ** are fillable PDF files that you can complete on-screen and then print to your local printer. For questions on any of the forms on this page, please contact the Division of Liquor Licensing and Enforcement at (207) 624-7220 or by emailing

To send your applications/permits to the Bureau, the following addresses can be used:

For regular delivery by mail:

Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages and Lottery Operations
Division of Liquor Licensing and Enforcement
8 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0008

For courier (Fed Ex, UPS) delivery:

Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages and Lottery Operations
Division of Liquor Licensing and Enforcement
19 Union Street, Suite 301-B
Augusta, ME 04330

Email inquiries:
Fax: (207) 287-3434

  1. SECTION 1 - On Premise License

    (On Premise Consumption)
    1. On Premise License Application (New & Renewal) (PDF) Updated Mar 2020
    2. On Premise Diagram (PDF) Updated March 2020
    3. Required Permit List for On Premise Licenses (PDF) Updated March 2020
    4. On Premise Relocation Application (PDF)
    5. Auxiliary License Application (PDF)
    6. Request for Extension of License Privileges for an On-Premises Establishment (PDF) Updated July 2021, Fillable
    7. On Premise Mini-Bar Application (PDF)
    8. Corporate Supplemental Questionnaire Form (PDF)
    9. Club Questionnaire Form (PDF)
    10. Bottle Club Registration (PDF)
    11. Dual Liquor License Application (PDF)
    12. Postsecondary Educational Application (PDF)
    13. Club Application (Private Fraternal Clubs Only) (PDF)
    14. Qualified Catering Self Sponsored Application (PDF)
    15. Notice of Self Sponsored Events (PDF)
    16. So You want to be a Restauranteur in Maine New (PDF)
  2. SECTION 2 - Retail License

    (Off Premise Consumption)
    1. Required Permit List (PDF)
    2. Retail License Application (PDF) (New & Renewals)
    3. Off Premise Relocation Application (PDF)
    4. Off Premise Retailer Disclosure of Lessee on the Premise (PDF)
    5. Corporate Supplemental (PDF)
    6. Off Premise Diagram (PDF)
    7. Keg Tagging Laws (PDF)
    8. Dual Liquor License Application (PDF)
  3. SECTION 3 - Agency Liquor Store Renewal

    1. Agency Liquor Store – Class VIII License – Renewal Application (fillable pdf)
    2. Agency Liquor Store – Class VIII License – Renewal Application (Extra diagram page)
    3. Agency Liquor Store – Class VIII License – Renewal Application (Extra Supplemental Business Entity Info page) (fillable pdf)
    4. Agency Liquor Store Relocation Application – For agency liquor stores moving with the same municipality (fillable pdf)
    5. Federal Basic Permit Application – For Agency Liquor Stores reselling to on premise licensees (for new reselling license only) (form)
    6. Federal Basic Permit – TTB online registration website
    7. What Retailers need to know about Keg Tagging Laws (PDF)
    8. How to Become an Agency Liquor Store (PDF)
  4. SECTION 4 - Public Service - Trains, Vessels or Aircraft

    1. Public Service Application (PDF) (New & Renewals) – Updated April 2020
    2. Floor Plan Diagram (PDF) – Additional page as needed
    3. Corporate Supplemental Information Form (PDF) – Additional page as needed
    4. Additional Municipalities Ports of Call (PDf) - Additional page as needed
  5. SECTION 5 - Permits

    1. On Premise Taste Testing Event Application (PDF)
    2. Retail Off Premise and Agency Liquor Store Taste-Testing Event Application (PDF) Updated March 2020
    3. Application for Catering Permit (PDF) Updated July 2021, Fillable
    4. Qualified Catering Application (PDF)
    5. Application for Incorporated Civic Organization Event (PDF) (updated July 2021) Fillable
    6. Application for B.Y.O.B. Permit (PDF)
    7. Wholesalers' Request for Beer and Wine Tasting (PDF)
    8. Farmer's Market Application Municipal Approval (PDF) (New & Renewals)
    9. Farmer's Market Application Brewer Winery Distiller (PDF) (New & Renewals)
    10. Application for a Special Taste Testing Event under Section 1052-D (Fillable PDF) Updated March 2020
    11. Application for Annual Permit to Purchase, Import and Transport Alcohol (PDF)
    12. Participant Farmers Market Additional Schedule (PDF)
  6. SECTION 6- Employee Affidavit

    1. Employee Affidavit (PDF)
  7. SECTION 7 - Media and Print Materials

    1. State Age Poster (DOC)
    2. On premise Alcohol Related Log (PDF)
    3. Off premise Alcohol Related Log (PDF)
  8. SECTION 8 - Special Tax Stamp Application

    This registration is required for all Liquor Licensees in the State of Maine.

    1. Alcohol Dealer Registration Application (PDF)
  9. SECTION 9 - Certificate of Approval

    1. Certificate of Approval Application (PDF) (New & Renewals)
    2. How to Register a Variety Pack (PDF)
  10. SECTION 10 - Tax Forms

    1. Excise Tax Report for Brewers of Malt Liquor Revised 2019 (PDF)
    2. Excise Tax Report for Vintners of Sparkling and Fortified Wine Revised 2019 (PDF)
    3. Excise Tax Report for Vintners of Table Wine Revised 2019 (PDF)
    4. Excise Tax Report for Producers of Hard Cider Revised 2019 (PDF)
    5. Wholesaler Excise Tax Monthly Summary Report – Bonded Revised 2019 (PDF)
    6. Excise Tax Credit Summary Report Revised 2019 (PDF)
    7. Claim for Credit of Excise Tax Report Revised 2021 (PDF)
  11. SECTION 11 - Brewery, Winery, and Sales Applications

    1. Application for Small Brewery – New or Renewal Revised 2019 (PDF)
    2. Application for Large Brewery – New or Renewal Revised 2019 (PDF)
    3. Application for Large Winery – New or Renewal (PDF)
    4. Application for Small Winery – New or Renewal (PDF)
    5. Application for Wholesaler of Malt and/or Wine – New or Renewal (PDF)
    6. Application for Sales Representative – New or Renewal (off site link)
    7. Application for Large Distillery – New or Renewal (PDF)
    8. Application for Small Distillery – New or Renewal (PDF)
    9. Application for Manufacturer Transfer (PDF)
    10. So You Want to Become a Brewery in Maine Revised 2019 (PDF)
  12. SECTION 12 - Shipment Reports

    1. FMB Tax rate change (NEW) (PDF)
    2. Report of Malt Liquor Shipments (PDF) (NEW) (Fillable)
    3. Report of Fortified Wine Shipments (PDF) (NEW) (Fillable)
    4. Report of Low Spirits Shipments (PDF) (NEW) (Fillable)
    5. Report of Table Wine Shipments (PDF) (NEW) (Fillable)
    6. Report of Sparkling Wine Shipments (PDF) (NEW) (Fillable)
  13. SECTION 13 - Price Posting Forms

    1. Malt Liquor Price Posting Form (PDF)
    2. Table Wine Price Posting Form (PDF)
    3. Sparkling Wine Price Posting Form (PDF)
    4. Fortified Wine Price Posting Form (PDF)
    5. Low Alcohol Price Posting Form (PDF)
    6. Cider Price Posting Form (PDF)
  14. SECTION 14 - Other Forms

    1. Malt or Wine Label Registration (DOC)
    2. Malt or Wine Label Registration (PDF)
    3. List of Distributors & Wholesalers (PDF)
    4. Primary Source Notice (PDF)
    5. Territory Appointment (PDF)
    6. Notice of Intent to Destroy Liquor (NEW) (PDF)
    7. Flavor Ingredient Data Sheet BLANK (PDF)
    8. How to Register a Variety Pack (PDF)