Part of our mission is to promote responsible sales, encourage responsible consumption, and prohibit the sales of alcohol to minors. We encourage parents to talk to children about the dangers of the use of alcohol and we provide tools to our licensed agency liquor store partners to prevent the sales of alcohol to minors. We collaborate with the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), by working with the Alcohol, Tobacco and Substance Use Prevention team on prevention programs.

Educational Links

We hope you find the links below helpful:

Alcohol Awareness for Students
Alcohol Education & Awareness Guide for College Students
Substance Abuse Guide for Students
Preventing Drug Abuse and Alcohol Addiction

Seller & Server Certification

Online Alcohol Seller & Server Certification – It’s now easier than ever to assure that your alcohol sellers/servers have the training they need. This new online resource is user friendly and readily accessible 24/7. View our flyer for more information (PDF).