Rules and Statutes

Harness Racing Statutes

Title 8 Chapter 11: Harness Racing

Harness Racing Rules

ARCI Uniform Classification Guidelines for Foreign Substances and Reccomended Penalties Model Rule Jan 2018.pdf

This table provides access to the Maine State Harness Racing rules and statutes where information regarding licenses, tracks, OTBs, Sire Stakes, medication guidelines, hearing procedures and more can be found.

Chapter Number & Title Summary
Ch. 1 Administration (PDF) Definitions, rules of construction, sulky standards, licensing requirements and fees set forth by the Maine State Harness Racing Commission.
Ch. 3 Officials and Race Track Personnel (DOCX) Responsibilities, duties, and restrictions of the various licensed race officials who have administrative responsibility for enforcing these rules. It also refers to other licensed personnel having responsibilities relating to racing.
Ch. 5 Tracks (DOCX) Requirements of the racing associations to conduct race meets in the state and includes, but is not limited to: equipment, bonding, licensing, personnel and the regulations of racing.
Ch. 7 Racing (PDF) Outlines rules specific to all facets of racing. This shall include the procedures for the assembling and drawing of races, the standards that horses and participants are held to, starting and racing rules, and proper procedures for placing and purse distribution. To facilitate understanding of this chapter it is arranged sequentially in the order in which the various elements of racing should occur. For example, the draw comes before the starting rules, the starting rules before the racing rules, etc.
Ch. 9 Sire Stakes (DOCX) Establishes a Breeders Stakes program to encourage and develop a Maine breed of Standardbred horses pursuant to 8 MRSA 281. If no exception is provided in this chapter, the general body of harness racing rules and regulations shall apply to the Sire Stakes program and Sire Stakes races.

Ch. 11 Medications, Prohibited Substances and Testing (PDF)

Highlights rules for equine medication including, but not limited to: prohibited substances, types of tests, methods of testing, responsibilities of race track personnel, purse redistribution and penalties.
Ch. 13 Pari-Mutuel (DOCX) Discusses methods of maintaining and verifying Win, Place and Show pools, and multiple-pool wagers and contains the requirements for bonding of the Mutuel director, plant security and conduct within the Mutuel enclosure.
Ch. 15 Off-Track Betting (DOC) Licensing rules and operational criteria for off-track betting facilities.
Ch. 17 Rule Violations; Penalties (PDF) Penalty provisions for violations of the racing rules for associations or participants.
Ch. 19 Protests, Appeals and Race Date Assignment Hearings (DOCX) Protests and appeals of decisions and rulings of judges and officials of tracks, including filing requirements and deadlines, and Licensing and Race Date Assignment Hearings.
Ch. 21 General Hearing Procedures (DOC) Establishes hearing procedures which apply to appeal hearings, licensing hearings, race date assignment hearings, advisory rules, petitions, and miscellaneous hearings conducted by the Commission.