Maine Standardbred Breeders Program

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About the Standardbred Breeders Program

Mission of the Maine Standardbred Breeders Program

The mission of the Maine Standardbred Breeders Program is to encourage the breeding and racing of a Maine brand of Standardbred horses that demonstrates superior traits and supports Maine’s harness racing industry for years beyond the stakes eligibility.

History and Importance of Maine’s Breeders Program

In 1972, the Maine Sire Stakes racing series was created to encourage the breeding and raising of Maine Standardbred horses and to help preserve Maine’s rural economy and open farmland. Maine’s Standardbred Breeders are central to the Sire Stakes racing by providing the quality horses necessary for the races.

Sire Stakes racing is an activity deeply rooted in Maine’s agricultural history. It not only helps protect Maine farmland and agriculture, it preserves a way of life for generations of families as both participants and spectators.

Stakes racing provides a wonderful opportunity for the entire family to participate. Over the summer months the Sire Stakes racing raises awareness and interest in these magnificent athletes by traveling to eight Agricultural fairs as well as Maine’s two commercial tracks.  

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