Correcting Inaccurate Community Maps

With nearly 500 organized communities and as many more unorganized communities tracking the mapping needs and getting them entered into the databases is a daunting challenge for the Maine Floodplain Program staff.

Initiating the correction of inaccurate maps is an important function of local officials. In recent years FEMA has developed national databases to track where mapping revisions are most needed.

The National Flood Insurance Program is responsible for mapping floodplains however historically resources dedicated to mapping have never kept up with mapping needs. Therefore it is important that local officials be proactive in making sure that their community's floodplain mapping needs are documented and recorded in the FEMA databases. If it isn’t recorded then no one will know about it. As a local official, you can help make this happen by being proactive and sending a letter or e-mail to the Maine Floodplain Management Program staff.