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News Alert - HPAI in Dairy Cattle (April 2024)

Due to the national outbreak of HPAI infection in dairy cattle, there will be additional protocol for livestock exhibitors showing lactating dairy cows. Animal Health is working on updating movement requirements for fair exhibitors. In the meantime, please visit our resources and information on the HPAI Cattle page.

To Maine Fairs Livestock Superintendents -

Oxen at fair waiting for their turnMay 2024 - This webpage has been made as a reference guide for fair staff and participants. We are hopeful for a successful fair season and look forward to attending the fairs and supporting you all.

HPAI in poultry and cattle continues to be an emerging situation. Biosecurity is the first defense against this disease and many others. ME DACF has webpages that are regularly updated concerning HPAI.


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