The Big E Fair Equals Big Opportunity for Maine Businesses

February 3, 2023

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Producers of delicious foods and beverages and highly saleable handmade items are strongly encouraged to apply to become Maine Building vendors

Augusta, ME - The Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry's Agricultural Resource Development Division (ARD) announced the opening of its application period for Maine Building vendors at the 2023 Big E Fair in West Springfield, Massachusetts. Located on the Fair's Avenue of States, which features replicas of each New England state's original statehouse, the Maine Building showcases Maine's uniqueness, extreme high quality, and world-renowned character. More than two dozen Maine companies gather in the Maine Building each September to sell their products to fairgoers seeking favorites like stuffed baked potatoes and smoked salmon on a stick, blueberry treats, Maine beers and wines, and all things handmade. For 17 days, the Maine building comes to life and is a destination for its aromas, sights and sounds, warm hospitality, and authentic Maine experience. In 2022, the Big E welcomed more than 1.6 million visitors, with an estimated 100K+ passing through the Maine Building; the total estimated Maine Building sales during the fair topped $1 million. The 2023 Big E begins Friday, September 15, and runs continuously through Sunday, October 1.

Maine businesses and nonprofits should apply for Maine Building vending opportunities

Maine companies and organizations that make, manufacture, grow, create goods and products, or provide services are encouraged to apply. To exhibit, sell products and represent Maine, complete the online application on the ARD webpage. Other planning tools available to prospective and returning vendors include extensive online resources, important dates, FAQs, and checklists. Maine building managers can be reached by email at The exhibitor application deadline is March 1, 2023.

What 2022 Maine Building vendors are saying

"The Big E fair is always a highlight of our year. Though it is a tremendous undertaking, it's very memorable. I found the building filled with enthusiastic and supportive vendors, the grounds crew are very willing to help, and the building management is understanding and supportive."

"The camaraderie, help, and selflessness from the other Maine vendors made my first Big E experience a good one."

"I have developed a following with customers who return each year to purchase new items. The post-fair orders on my website have also gone up."

"Our team regularly travels to trade shows and expos, but we've never gone to an event that's anywhere near the scope of The Big E. The event surpassed our expectations, both in terms of the number of potential customers we spoke with, as well as the revenue we earned."